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Swim Wear

Way out there in far west Texas, in the middle of the desert, a sign advertising tube rentals and swim wear does seem a little bit out of place. But only until you notice that just across the road is a beautiful spring-fed desert oasis. Then things start to make a little bit more sense.

near Toyahvale, Texas
photographed 3.24.2021

The Graceful Proportions

I am not sure what purpose this building used to have, but it was lovely to look at – nice proportions, plenty of natural light (especially since there plenty of broken windows to let in even more light), some graffiti to read.

Pecos, Texas
photographed 3.24.2021

Cash Only

Plan ahead, if you want to go to Barstow, Texas, because not every place will take credit or debit cards. Also, I don’t think Venmo is an option at this particular location.

Barstow, Texas
photographed 3.24.2021


A mirror. I found a mirror in the corner of what’s left of this building. The ceiling was gone and so was the roof. None of the windows had any glass left in them. But the mirror was fine.

Sometimes it is hard to understand what I find.

Barstow, Texas
photographed 3.24.2021

Two Cokes

Those two bottles of Coke (the good kind, from Mexico, it looks like) are keeping each other company on the bottom shelf of the cooler.

But also: what happened to the carpet? It looks as if disaster has struck.

Pyote, Texas
photographed 3.24.2021

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