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The Descent

Coming down the narrow stairs from the loft gives photographers a nice view of the church.

It was peaceful inside this space; I felt calm when I left after a happy hour of making photos.

Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church
Shafter, Texas
photographed 11.4.2017

Desert Wetland

Even though the wading pool was dry, there was still water at the park.

Water in the desert is always a nice surprise.

near Marathon, Texas
photographed 11.3.2017

Ocotilllo Blind

The window, the blinds, and the ocotillo have all seen better days. But they sure have fallen apart in a lovely fashion, haven’t they?

East El Paso Street
Marfa, Texas
photographed 11.3.2017

The Sacred

As I mentioned in an earlier post, this church holds Mass once a month, at 2:00 p.m. But I believe the church doors are always unlocked, just in case.

Shafter, Texas
photographed 11.4.2017

Melted Ice

The thing out here is that failures are apparent nearly forever. Just before this trip, I was in Louisiana, where think layers of vegetation will cover things up practically overnight, so that abandoned places just look like all the other green stuff.

The desert wants to always remind us who’s in charge. And it’s not us.

near Presidio, Texas
photographed 11.4.2017

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