Wading Pool (dry)

Several years ago, a friend of mine told me about this county park south of Marathon. It’s on my regular rotation of places to visit when I make my Far West Texas trips, and I’ve become fascinated (or, obsessed – it’s a fine line) by this wading pool. Last year it had water in it, and I didn’t have a wide enough lens to get the shot I wanted. This year, I had a wide lens, but there wasn’t water.

There’s always next year, when maybe the lens-and-water situation will work itself out…

near Marathon, Texas
photographed 11.3.2017

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  1. Much better without the water, I think. Unless the water is just a puddle of scum, in which case I stand to be corrected.


  2. Excellent to have an excuse for another trip with Marathon, wide angle in hand, just in case there is water (with scum). Maybe it will take several visits before everything aligns. That would be a pity, but I bet you are up to it.


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