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it depends on the way that you see

This cemetery had one of the few expressly-designated paupers areas that I have ever seen. Most of the markers in that part of the cemetery were non-existent and the simple concrete markers on the rest of them had eroded to the point where the graves were mostly just marked by pieces of rebar.

Bovina, Texas
photographed 6.6.2021

Post Office (flyover country)

If you take one route to get somewhere, you are morally bound to find another way back. (I suspect that not all of y’all abide by this as strictly as you should, but who I am to judge?)

Anyway, my route home from Tucumcari the other day landed by here, in Bellview. (FYI: I never did find the bells.)

Bellview, New Mexico
photographed 6.5.2021

Center Chapel

I can’t think of any rational person who would knowingly pass up a chance to visit the geographic center of the continental United States! I mean, really, what a great opportunity that is. The center! The EXACT CENTER. And the fact that it is only a few miles off the highway makes it even more of a must-stop location.

I am not quite sure what I thought would be there. I am very certain that I did not anticipate a tiny chapel as the main thing. Yet, somehow, there we were: a pair of travelers on a cold and windy day, standing in the middle, looking at a chapel.

That’s the fun of a road trip.

at the geographic center of the continental United States
near Lebanon, Kansas
photographed 12.11.2020

Falls & Fence

My challenge always is, when I’m in a place that’s been photographed a lot, is to find a different angle. Sometimes I’m successful, and other times I’m not…

Palouse Falls State Park, Washington
photographed 9.2.2020

Field Stripes

This view right here is why we came.*

Fallon, Washington
photographed 9.3.2020

*Along with about a thousand other vistas.

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