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There’s no way the fence will win

That fence is giving a good try, keeping the forest at bay. But I think we all know the forest has the upper hand here and will eventually win.

Toimi, Minnesota
photographed 9.26.2019

Blurry crosses of Chimayó

The walk from the parking area up to the sacred church has a chain link fence on one side where people leave crosses and other items woven into the wire. On my most recent visit, as I stood looking at the artifacts and to the building beyond, I let me eyes focus on the distance, which blurred the fence and its contents. And I made a photo.

Later, the blurry crosses and the diamonds of the fence started to make me think of women’s hats, that kind with the dotted-net veil, and this scene started to feel like what the world would look like from behind a hat veil.

I know. None of this makes any sense: welcome to the way my mind wanders around.

El santuario de Chimayó
Chimayó, New Mexico
photographed 3.16.2019

Those locks

You know, if you’ve been here very long, that I will always try to look around the backs of places that I visit.

And so, here’s what is behind the famous Prada Marfa installation near Valentine, Texas. Because I figured you were wondering…

Valentine, Texas
photographed 12.22.2018


An organic fence and some ivy: lovely in muted light, a light that I am not especially familiar with.

Snowshill, England
photographed 6.3.2017

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