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When I was in architecture school, I learned that it was important that buildings had a “sense of entry” – an obvious, easily recognized entrance so visitors are not left to wonder where they are supposed to go; it also serves as a way to define people’s impression of the building and their orientation to it. There are cultural elements to consider. There are psychological elements that make a difference. The way the building faces matters. The weather is important.  How people with disabilities find their way is a critical consideration. The time of day, the numbers of people who will arrive at one time, the aesthetics of the building and its immediate environment, the building materials and colors all play a part in setting the sense of entry.

Failing that, of course, a sign painted on a hunk of wood and then stuck on a wall will suffice.

Two Harbors, Minnesota
photographed 9.23.2019


“Clouds overhead were ghostly gray.” – even though these clouds aren’t really what I’d call “ghostly gray” my brain still made the connection between the clouds and the song lyrics, which are from Bruce Cockburn’s song “Boundless.” (Another part of the song says, “The sky looks troubled but I feel free” but my brain wasn’t smart enough to make that connection.)

Anyway, I decided to listen the song while I wrote this post. I’d forgotten that the song started and ended with chimes; I have the same chimes in my backyard, so for a second I was confused if I was hearing the yard or the song. (The chimes are made by Music of the Spheres, in Austin. If you need chimes in your yard, check it out. And if you don’t need chimes in your yard, check it out anyway. You can play the chimes, a surprisingly pleasant pastime.)

Oh, and this picture? Just something I saw last fall in Minnesota.

Iona’s Beach Scientific and Natural Area, Minnesota
photographed 9.25.2019

Flight Path

Two gulls, in motion, on the shore of Lake Superior.

Brighton Beach
near Duluth, Minnesota
photographed 9.24.2019

A secret meeting in the forest

I am not sure why a bunch of chairs needed to convene a meeting, but they did.

Two Harbors, Minnesota
photographed 9.26.2019

The Walkers

A bunch of walkers, of various sorts.

Two Harbors, Minnesota
photographed 9.23.2019

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