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A secret meeting in the forest

I am not sure why a bunch of chairs needed to convene a meeting, but they did.

Two Harbors, Minnesota
photographed 9.26.2019

Live plants are a nice touch

I always think that laundromats would be a good place to make a few photos, but I never actually get around to testing out the theory in an actual laundromat. Until that vacation the other day, when we packed light and did laundry half way through our trip.

The Bay Breeze Laundry made a lovely spot for photos; here’s the first one of three that I made that night, in between feeding quarters to the machines and leafing through an old National Enquirer that was lying on a table.*

Bay Breeze Laundry
Two Harbors, Minnesota
photographed 9.24.2019

*It was there when I got there. Really.

Basic as a breath

A tidy white building that’s part of the compound at the Two Harbors lighthouse. Currently it serves as the place where the cashier tried to charge us an entry fee of -$50,000, but prior to that fiscal snafu, it was the place that housed the apparatus that ran the foghorn (which is still there, on the higher part of the building).

Two Harbors, Minnesota
photographed 9.23.2019


I am becoming more and more convinced that “architectural antiques” is just a fancy way to say “junk.”

at the “architectural antiques” store
Two Harbors, Minnesota
photographed 9.23.2019

J + M

My very best wishes to J and M, who/whatever they may be.

Agate Bay
Two Harbors, Minnesota
photographed 9.23.2019

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