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the morning yucca

I took some time the other Saturday morning to explore my own town; it paid off handsomely because not only did I discover an excellent coffee place, but there were some exuberant yucca flowers out in front.

And this reminds me that when I was a kid, I’d eat these flowers, which could surely explain some things.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 6.11.2022

mother + child

The ruins of the old church guard the small cemetery; I’ve stopped here three or four times previously and always find something interesting to look at, to contemplate, and/or to photograph. This time, a small plastic Madonna and her child, hanging from a nail by a gold cord, caught my attention.

Santa Rosa, New Mexico
photographed 5.28.2022

her family’s story

If I am being honest, I must admit that when another vehicle pulled off the road right after we’d stopped at this remote cemetery, it felt frustrating: I wanted the place to myself. And if I am still be honest, once I met Delfie and her husband Robert, I was ashamed for my frustration. They’d driven over from Albuquerque – 260 miles away – to put new flowers on their family’s gravesites. They were gracious, telling us stories about their ancestors and about the cemetery. Here’s Delfie gesturing toward her great-grandmother’s grave; that sort of family history-keeping is not anything my family does and our dead relatives are scattered all over the place. The idea that so many generations of her family are right there gave me a perspective that I don’t generally have.

And so, once again, the Photography Gods knew what was best for me, even if I didn’t figure it out right away.

Montoya, New Mexico
photographed 5.29.2022

three miles

I’m not a marketing person, so maybe I’m missing something here. But this billboard doesn’t seem like it is the best way to entice weary travelers to leave the interstate and check in to the Holiday Inn Express. Even if the exit *is* only three miles away.

Santa Rosa, New Mexico
photographed 5.28.2022

coffee break

I will always choose a place that looks like this when I’m out on the road and it’s time for some food or some coffee or just a break from whatever else may be going on. And, naturally, I will always bring the camera with me…

Santa Rosa, New Mexico
photographed 5.27.2022

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