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Tired of your family? Try a loaner!

What a great idea! If your family has gotten on your very last nerve and the thought of even ten more minutes with them is more than you can stand – maybe this business can help! Apparently, they can loan out a new family to you. Come on – you know you want try.

(I do not know if they also offer permanent new-family placements, or if it’s a loan-only sort of operation.)

Temple, Texas
photographed 7.18.2021


Oh, rural America, with your banners and flags and can-do spirit.

(I can actually only vouch for the banner and the flags.)

Historical Note: this was one of my first post-knee-surgery photos. I was using a cane, which was tethered to my left wrist. My camera was tethered to my right wrist. And I was walking down the middle of a brick street. My physical therapist would have been proud (let’s assume), as I was definitely making an effort to get back to my normal activities.

Wortham, Texas
photographed 7.17.2021

an important warning

I guess one question I have is what do wind tunnels drive? But at least they have a dedicated parking spot when they get there.

College Station, Texas
photographed 7.17.2021

the best lunch all week

If you’re driving through an unfamiliar town – let’s just say it’s Mexia, Texas – and it’s lunch time and you stop at a place called Jim’s Krispy Fried Chicken, you will have made exactly the right decision.

Mexia, Texas
photographed 7.17.2021

the trip was a blur

That day we drove home, I got fidgety and bored. I was tired, too. And cranky. Yes! I must have been just a JOY to travel with.

Anyway, I decided to shoot some intentionally blurry photos as we drove through Brownwood. It didn’t necessarily make me less fidgety, bored, tired, or crazy, but it diverted my attention from all that stuff for a few minutes.

Brownwood, Texas
photographed 7.18.2021

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