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Changes were just days away


(I found this last winter, in New Mexico, just a few days before a blizzard hit. The clouds seemed to know something was up.)

Today marks the end of eight years of posting a daily image on a blog, and the end of five years here at WordPress. As I’ve mentioned before, I started the blog on a whim, with a fragile commitment to photography and complete ignorance about where a blog could lead me.

I am still sort of ignorant about where a blog could lead me – even though some amazing things have happened because of it – but it’s pretty safe to say that my commitment to photography is solid and life-long. I’ve dabbled in other things before. I was going to be a Poet! I was going to be a Memoirist! And some other things that I’ve either forgotten or am to embarrassed to mention. But somehow, it was photography that stuck. I truly never saw it coming.

This was a good year for me, photographically speaking. I got some stuff in some shows. I sold a few things. I made more friends here on the blog. I honed my craft.

And so, on the eve of beginning my ninth year, my gratitude goes out to all of you who take the time to visit the blog, and when you feel inspired, to leave a comment for me. If it weren’t for all of you, I’d’ve given up a long time ago.

Let’s see where 2017 will take us!

Madrid, New Mexico
photographed 12.23.2015

Art and the sofa


This is in my favorite hotel room (that’s not odd, is it, to have a favorite hotel room?). And I can’t wait to get back down there…

Alpine, Texas
photographed 8.16.2013

PS – One of my regular commenters wondered what this looked like in color, so here you go (even though it’s still more or less monochrome:




This sort of struck me as a menacing little scene, so I didn’t stick around to investigate. Keep in mind, though, that I shot this in 2013 – now I probably would have not only stuck around, but would have made about 120 more images while I was there.

Things change….

Alpine, Texas
photographed 8.17.2013

Intersects the space at hand


The restaurant staff was busy that night.

Santa Fe, New Mexico
photographed 7.7.2016

One of us is a voyeur


The only reason I was working with a model was because we sort of had to, for the class I was taking. It was weird and uncomfortable and intimidating at first. By the time we were done, it was still all of those things, but I’d powered my way through.

One of my photography friends, who took the same class a year before I did, was so inspired by the day of working with models that she’s headed off in an interesting new direction with an infrared camera and nude models underwater. Her work is stunning.

Me? Nope. I’m sticking with the usual stuff. But I just wanted to show my loyal reader(s) that I could, too, shoot models. In case any of you had been wondering.

Nambé, New Mexico
photographed 7.6.2016

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