Changes were just days away


(I found this last winter, in New Mexico, just a few days before a blizzard hit. The clouds seemed to know something was up.)

Today marks the end of eight years of posting a daily image on a blog, and the end of five years here at WordPress. As I’ve mentioned before, I started the blog on a whim, with a fragile commitment to photography and complete ignorance about where a blog could lead me.

I am still sort of ignorant about where a blog could lead me – even though some amazing things have happened because of it – but it’s pretty safe to say that my commitment to photography is solid and life-long. I’ve dabbled in other things before. I was going to be a Poet! I was going to be a Memoirist! And some other things that I’ve either forgotten or am to embarrassed to mention. But somehow, it was photography that stuck. I truly never saw it coming.

This was a good year for me, photographically speaking. I got some stuff in some shows. I sold a few things. I made more friends here on the blog. I honed my craft.

And so, on the eve of beginning my ninth year, my gratitude goes out to all of you who take the time to visit the blog, and when you feel inspired, to leave a comment for me. If it weren’t for all of you, I’d’ve given up a long time ago.

Let’s see where 2017 will take us!

Madrid, New Mexico
photographed 12.23.2015

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  1. I lived in Albuquerque in the late ’70s, so Madrid was on my cruise-around circuit, or, when we went the “back way” to Santa Fe. Madrid at that time had just transitioned from a ghost town to a hippie village, or what we see in your photo above.
    Happy New Year!


    • I lived in Albuquerque then, too – from 1978-1982. Did we know each other!?! My husband was in grad school; when we could afford gas (for our Pinto, if you can imagine), we’d drive the back way to Santa Fe for OUR cruise-around circuit. I know exactly what you mean about the transition of Madrid.

      If you haven’t seen it since, you’d be surprised: I went through there last summer and there was a traffic jam from people waiting for parking spaces to shop the galleries and etc.


      • Maybe our paths did cross. I was there 1976-1979, studying music history in the College of Fine Arts and working in the back offices of the Fine Arts Library. I mostly lived in the student neighborhood just across Central Avenue, near the Frontier Restaurant. Looking at that area in Google street view, everything looks different now.
        I had a Ford Ranchero truck, kind of a “Pinto Pickup” but I sold it and depended solely on a bicycle to get around. It felt liberating.


      • My husband was in architecture school, which was right there beside the Frontier, and that great bookstore, the Living Batch. We spent plenty of time at both. That area HAS changed; we ate at the Frontier when we were in Albuquerque last fall, and even thought the restaurant is a lot bigger, it still felt exactly the same.

        We lived south of campus, off Girard. I worked for a small architecture firm that office in an odd neighborhood across the street from Presbyterian Hospital and down the block from the blood plasma center.


  2. Congrats on your eight years of blogging, Melinda! I completed my sixth year at WordPress a couple of months ago and it has been fun! I have enjoyed your mostly monochrome photos and your wry sense of humor and hope you go on blogging for at least another eight years!


  3. All the best for 2017, hope it´s gonna be amazing and adventurous for you! Cheers, Ron.


  4. Congrats on heading into your 9th year of daily posting, Melinda! That’s a huge commitment.
    Happy New Year, wishing you another wonderful year of photography. : )


  5. So pleased you didn’t give up! Happy New Year to you 😄


  6. Excellent! Congratulations on all your anniversaries and for proving that it all crystallises if you let it. In a way your way is what I’d like to take. I’ll wait a few years and then maybe do something about it. 🙂 Wishing you a great year ahead and that you keep them coming.


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