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Tree Claws

Last week, I was reading a call for entries for a photography show called “Trees” and the call was all about “the annual autumn spectacular” of changing colors, and the “joy of green leaves”, and how trees are “objects of beauty” and all I could think of was how different my own tree experiences are.

Rogers, New Mexico
photographed 3.30.2018


UPFATE: I did go ahead and submit five images of dead trees to that show. And this one got in to the gallery show at the Darkroom Gallery in Vermont. So there’s that.

“The Graffiti Houses of Portales: Coup de Grâce”
Portales, New Mexico
photographed 4.31.2018

Every Opportunity

Even the fence around the sewage-treatment plant has become a place to hang crosses in memory of loved ones.

El santuario de Chimayó
Chimayó, New Mexico
photographed 5.27.2018

Side Business

Just across from the famous church, you’ll see Vigil’s Store, which seems to be doing a brisk business selling chile-related products. I bought a little bag of dried green chile powder. (The storekeeper told me she enjoyed watching me take a deep breath of the scent, with my eyes closed and a smile on my face.)

Chimayó, New Mexico
photographed 5.27.2018

Delia Anaya

Here at the sacred site of Chimayó, there are mementos and memorials everywhere, like this one for Delia.

El santuario de Chimayó
Chimayó, New Mexico
photographed 5.27.2018


The water in this spring-fed pool is a constant 62 degrees.

This guy is about to be pretty chilly.

Blue Hole
Santa Rosa, New Mexico
photographed 5.25.2018

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