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Those days are in the past

Those days – the ones where there were enough people around to need a laundromat as well as all those things listed on the sign (gas, propane, groceries, snacks, movies, jewelry, and deli-fresh meats) – have been gone for a while, I’d say.

Lybrook, New Mexico
photographed 9.8.2020

Bright Arroyo

Sometimes I hear people say there’s nothing to see in New Mexico.

Those people are wrong.

near San Ysidro, New Mexico
photographed 9.8.2020

Several Debras

And then, just as I turned the corner, I spotted this slightly disturbing scene. On closer inspection, I discovered they are all named Debra…

Slaton, Texas
photographed 2.29.2020


Here I go again, shooting through dirty windows to see what’s inside an abandoned church…

House, New Mexico
photographed 5.25.2019

what happened to the Sandovals

This is where the Sandovals ended up, in case you were wondering.

Also, Billy the Kid ended up here.

Fort Sumner, New Mexico
photographed 3.14.2019

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