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It’s been two years since I made this photo, but I really think that ad space is probably still available. If you think outdoor advertising is just what you’ve been needing, give ’em a call!

Chaves County, New Mexico
photographed 5.23.2021

ahead 150 ft

When I was in architecture school, I learned that it was important that buildings had a “sense of entry” – an obvious, easily recognized entrance so visitors are not left to wonder where they are supposed to go; it also serves as a way to define people’s impression of the building and their orientation to it. There are cultural elements to consider. There are psychological elements that make a difference. The way the building faces matters. The weather is important.  How people with disabilities find their way is a critical consideration. The time of day, the numbers of people who will arrive at one time, the aesthetics of the building and its immediate environment, the building materials and colors all play a part in setting the sense of entry.

Failing that, of course, a sign painted on a hunk of wood and then stuck on a wall will suffice.

Two Harbors, Minnesota
photographed 9.23.2019

covering all the (merchandising) bases

What a place! It’s like the WalMart of Chimayó, practically, with the availability of santos, woodcarvings, popsicles, t-shirts, art, books. I mean, what else could you possibly need?

Also, don’t those commas on the stucco wall look like they were added by some kind of ad hoc sign-corrector person?*

Chimayó, New Mexico
photographed 3.16.2019

*It wasn’t me. It was that way when I got there. I promise.

trailers (now deceased)

There isn’t a whole lot going on in Montoya, New Mexico, at the current time. Unless you count the abandonment of buildings and trailers, and then there is a lot happening. (But the pace at which things happen is quite slow.)

Montoya, New Mexico
photographed 5.29.2022


One thing I know is to cut a wide berth around a guy wearing a shirt that says “mayhem” on it. Another thing I know is that the shirt and his aggressively gold watch needed to be photographed. And the last thing I know (in this context, I mean) is that it was a good thing I was shooting with a zoom lens.

Santa Rosa, New Mexico
photographed 7.31.2022

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