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sometimes death seems far away

Up in the mountains above Albuquerque alongside the road that’ll take you the back way to Santa Fe, there’s a little cemetery wedged between a Burger Boy and a gas station. It’s a humble, unassuming place. Unless you count the clouds and the tiny bit of light on those graves.

Cedar Crest, New Mexico
photographed 7.1.2016

another bold claim

If you’re driving west-to-east along a now-unpaved portion of old Route 66, you will be able to spot this sign proclaiming MODERN RESTROOMS.

Do not believe it.

Endee, New Mexico
photographed 5.29.2022


If you commit to driving old Route 66 and you stumble upon a guidebook about that very thing and you have that book with you when you take the old road across New Mexico and you carefully follow the directions, you’ll find the old route turning under the current Interstate, making a pair of tunnels that don’t seem at all remote and murdery.

Palomas, New Mexico
photographed 5.29.2022

angel with broken wings

I can’t go to Santa Rosa without stopping at this old cemetery, with its roofless, falling down church ruins. I like the way a now-gone bush scratched wind-driven arcs into the wall. I like the way the a little more of the stucco has let go of the adobe walls every time I go by. But mostly I like the broken-winged angel, who is watching the slow-motion collapse of the building.

And I also like this song by Los Lobos. In case you were wondering.

Santa Rosa, New Mexico
photographed 5.28.2022

an easter egg

So, you know that I like to find abandoned places to photograph. And you know that I will take any opportunity to shoot the interiors, capturing the stuff that’s left behind. So nothing about this image will surprise you, probably.

My second favorite part of the image are the handprints on the dusty booth. And my favorite part is the little Route 66 sign, hidden away on the back wall.

Santa Rosa, New Mexico
photographed 5.28.2022

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