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Look! It’s me.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 3.15.2020

Her anointed head

Maybe she sat in the sun on purpose, having checked the weather forecast and knowing the sunny days were about over. Or maybe she’d just been there so long that the sunlight caught up to her. But in any case, my photographer’s eye was caught by the way the sunlight anointed her head, making it the brightest thing in the room.

San Diego, California
photographed 3.8.2020

Room and Ticket

My conference was just two blocks away from the train station. You can tell what I did…

San Diego, California
photographed 3.10.2020


It seems like a million years ago, but at the beginning of the month, I traveled to San Diego for a conference.

I made this shot in the hotel lobby while I was waiting on Uber to arrive so I could fly home.

San Diego, California
photographed 3.10.2020


I’m in a mood, I guess, and my mind keeps giving me things to see and then jumping to think about something that is completely unrelated to what I just saw. Don’t get me wrong – that isn’t an uncommon occurrence. It’s just becoming more common.

And that’s why this looked like black lace overlaid on smooth blue fabric.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 3.14.2020

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