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Window Movements

The motion of the old vinyl window blinds combined with the what-is-that-about slant on the wood on the boarded-up door caught my eye from the other side of the street. It just got better the closer I got.

Causey, New Mexico
photographed 3.30.2018

Adobe School

The exterior of this abandoned school gave me no clue that the walls were adobe, and even when I first look thorough (what was left of) the front door, I couldn’t really believe what I was seeing. I was about to call in the expert, my Patient Spouse, for his architectural opinion on it. The next window I looked through, though, confirmed it: that v-shaped hole in the wall is typical of the way adobe erodes and not at all the way masonry does.

But it still seems odd.

Causey, New Mexico
photographed 3.30.2018

That steeple was visible from the other side of town

You could see the top of this old church from the far side of town. Of course, that was just a couple of blocks, but it still drew me to it. It had been a while since services had been held here, as it was clearly well into its new life of being a storage barn.

Enochs, Texas
photographed 3.30.2018

It looked a fright

The wind out here blows nearly all the time. And it blew the curtains against the knife-sharp edges of broken glass, cutting them into shreds. It was a frightening scene, really.

Bula School
near Enochs, Texas
photographed 3.30.2018


I guess when even Conoco leaves, there’s just not much reason for anything else to stick around.

Bula, Texas
photographed 3.30.2018

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