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it had been a wet spring

The mud around this abandoned building (a school? a church?) was formidable, and after consideration of the mess that would be involved, I marked further exploration of this place as “come back when it’s dry.” And, as a sort of a consolation prize, I photographed the flowers instead.

I know: a poor substitute for what I was really after. But it was the best I could do that day.

Terry County, Texas
photographed 6.27.2021


This is saddest baseball field that I’ve ever seen.

Tatum, New Mexico
photographed 6.27.2021


It’s scenic out here, only maybe not in a traditional way. Oh, and also? Watch for poison gas, and poisonous snakes, too.

Ward County, Texas
photographed 6.13.2021

Cross (with hat and mask)

This is the same location I’d photographed in 2015, but nothing looked the same. I think this indicates even more fatalities at this particular intersection, but it might also mean that grieving families are still visiting and adding to their loved one’s memorial.

Ward County, Texas
photographed 6.13.2021

time folding over on itself

The place was just falling apart. Literally – pieces of the roof and ceiling were drifted across the floor, where the remaining roof joists cast even-spaced shadows. And outside of what used to be a window: a covered wagon. It felt like time folded over onto itself so far that it nearly touched…

Tucumcari, New Mexico
photographed 6.5.2021

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