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Delicious treats (and fog)

Over dinner the night before, we chatted with a lovely women who was from Church Point. She strongly urged us to visit the town, which is famous for its church. And, of course, the side hustle of snacks is probably equally important.

Church Point, Nova Scotia
photographed 7.29.2015


Water. And a water fountain. And not a whole lot else. (Except an empty baseball field, fog, and tree that was still deciding if it was time to leaf out.)

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 3.13.2020

Unseen things

It was the foggiest of days and things like deer and feral hogs and towns and other cars kept shifting in and out of sight. And so did all the giant wind turbines.

near Clarendon, Texas
photographed 12.27.2019

Heart-wire fence

The forecast was for snow, and I was looking forward to seeing this part of the state under a thin white layer. The idea of it fit the vision in my head images I wanted to bring back from a quick trip to the northern part of the Texas Panhandle.

There wasn’t any snow, not even the tiniest flake. But the next best thing – fog! – hung around all day long, giving me lots of chances to make gloomy images in the fragile light, like this vaguely heart-shaped wire holding together a fence.

Gray County, Texas
photographed 12.27.2019

Spiders and Fog

Were you wondering if there are large spiders in Nova Scotia?

Yes. Yes, there are.

Meteghan River, Nova Scotia
photographed 7.29.2015

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