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Spiders and Fog

Were you wondering if there are large spiders in Nova Scotia?

Yes. Yes, there are.

Meteghan River, Nova Scotia
photographed 7.29.2015

A blurry day

I love fog! I love how it blurs and distorts what we’re familiar with, how it makes everything seem quieter, and how it hides things that are otherwise very close.

But after a few hours, I am ready for the sun to come back out.

Sweetwater, Texas
photographed 2.23.2018

Midway (gone away), 1

A foggy day, an abandoned drive-in theater: how could it get any better? Well, having a camera would make it better. How fortunate that I did have one on hand…

Midway Drive-In
Sweetwater, Texas
photographed 2.23.2018

No reason, maybe, for pink

From a distance, looming through the fog, we could see that pink rectangle. Gradually its building started to appear.

Lower Argyle, Nova Scotia
photographed 7.30.2015

Shimmering Curtain

I really don’t do well in groups, which you’ve probably already figured out.

So this may not surprise you. There was a woman in our group in London who got on my very last nerve. She was good, too: she didn’t gradually have that effect on me. It was instant, from the very first time she spoke.

Then, later, on the bus, just after I made this photo, she tapped me on the shoulder to explain how my picture wouldn’t work, that it would only show foggy windows and nothing else. A regular photo critic, she was.

Anyway, it looks like she was right, and I’m being far to harsh about the situation. That shouldn’t surprise you, either.

London, UK
photographed 6.6.2017

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