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in front of all this beauty

A lighthouse up the hill behind me, and the north Atlantic way down there, shrouded in the fog. It was lovely.

Cape Forchu Lighthouse
Cape Forchu, Nova Scotia
photographed 8.3.2015

Framed View

What a lovely coincidence that these three things all fell into place the way they did:
-a view of the Split Rock Lighthouse
-which was right there at the wide spot in the road
-where the trees were short enough to not block the view

The odds of that happening must have been astronomical!

Split Rock Lighthouse, Minnesota
photographed 9.26.2019

Harbor, from lighthouse

The lighthouse in Two Harbors is part of a set of museums operated by the county historical society; you can pay ten bucks a person and get to see all of them. That seemed like a pretty good deal so we went for it. The nice lady at the cash register had some sort of technical problem, resulting in our museum passes costing -$50,000. Sadly, she fixed the error before we got the 50K.

But anyway, we were in, and climbed up inside the lighthouse as far as permitted, which gave us a porthole-shaped view of the harbor.

And then, on our way out the nice lady at the cash register asked if we’d seen the ships – one leaving the port and the other coming in. It was, she said, the first time in 36 years she’d seen such a sight. Two ships! At once! How lucky for us!

Later the Patient Spouse said he thought that seeing two ships was surely a common thing, citing her first attempt at figuring out the entrance fee as a reason to doubt her veracity. I guess I see his point.

Two Harbors, Minnesota
photographed 9.23.2019

Quartet, descending


So, we went to Peggy’s Cove. It was our understanding that visitors to Nova Scotia are required by law to go there, but we never actually verified that with anyone.

To be honest, we went there twice. On the same day. Because the light was better in the later afternoon. (Kudos to my patient spouse for being the one to champion the idea of a return.)

And look what I found: people.

Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia
photographed 8.6.2015

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