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Theoretical House

In retrospect, maybe deciding that THIS year, 2020, the biggest shitshow of years – was when we ought to finally build that weekend place we’ve been talking about for 15 years, was a decision doomed to failure. Short-term failure (I hope), but failure nonetheless.

Our contractor was supposed to be done the first weekend of April. We fired him at the end of June. And here we are, the beginning of August, while we wait on the next contractor to get us prices to finish up. He says he’ll have the numbers “in a few days,” but he’s been saying that for longer than I care to contemplate.

So, anyway, this is what it looks like now. Things should get moving again. In a few days.

Yellowhouse Canyon, Texas
photographed 7.24.2020

Shadow Line

There is a surprising amount going on here, from the four circles to the one a/c unit to the stone trim to the boarded and bricked windows to the rhythm of the tiny arches.

But the best part was the shadows slanting away from their source.

Brownwood, Texas
photographed 5.23.2020

End of the Line

This used to be a fancy hotel, with conference and banquet rooms and an atrium and all that stuff. A few years ago, we spent the night there when the dust from a home renovation project got the better of us, and it was clear that it wasn’t the place we remembered. The best amenity we got then were what I called “exfoliating towels” which were made (I am almost positive) from sandpaper.

And the slide down continued, and now, here we are: it’s being demolished. No word on what’ll be taking its place.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 4.15.2020

Room and Ticket

My conference was just two blocks away from the train station. You can tell what I did…

San Diego, California
photographed 3.10.2020

Painter, painting

Every now and then I get the idea to venture out and do some street photography. And since I don’t really even know how to do street photography in a way that is, you know, good, the best I can achieve so far is mixed results.

And here’s an example of some mixed results – a guy painting the arch above a doorway at a train station. You can’t see it in the photo (remember when I said “mixed results”?), but he was using a tiny paint roller.

Santa Fe Depot
San Diego, California
photographed 3.10.2020

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