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it’s in the details

The Statler Hotel was built in 1956, for the unbelievable cost of $16 million. It was a showplace of mid-century architecture, with long lines, geometric details, a teal-colored exterior curtainwall system, and (naturally) a heliport. It was the first building to feature piped-in elevator music.

It closed in 2001 and was nearly demolished in 2003, but fortunately that was avoided and a $175 million renovation restored the place to its previous glory.

Statler Hotel
Dallas, Texas
photographed 4.9.2022

Steam Night

There are a lot of geothermal plants on the south end of the Salton Sea. The plumes of steam are a constant part of the view, day or night. And if you are the sort of person who likes industrial architecture – or more specifically the sort of person who likes industrial architecture at night – you might consider stopping by for a visit.

near Calipatria, California
photographed 2.10.2022

Wall of Many Colors

“What color is your place?”


(an imaginary conversation)

Camp Wood, Texas
photographed 1.28.2022

Pattern, repeated

Sometimes when I see buildings with elements that I don’t quite understand, I’ll say, “I guess it looked better on paper.” And that’s what I said to myself when I first saw that decorative (?) thing on the front of the building. But then, I noticed the industrial architecture behind it and could see certain patterns repeated in both things. So maybe the architect designed the decorative thing as an homage to the industrial thing.

Lebanon, Tennessee
photographed 12.24.2021

Quite a few opportunities

If you happen to be in Nashville and find yourself in a church-going mood, I’d like to suggest this place, as it has many opportunities available all through the week.

Nashville, Tennessee
photographed 12.25.2021

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