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The more formal approach

While I am drawn to things that are falling apart or are otherwise not symmetrical, sometimes a formal arrangement does catch my attention. That’s what happened here, with the steps and the brick and the pattern on the doors and the shadows, all lining themselves up perfectly.

Big Spring Municipal Auditorium
Big Spring, Texas
photographed 11.23.2018

Ceiling: Hyatt Regency

If you look straight up from the hotel lobby, this is what you’ll see…

Hyatt Regency
Chicago, Illinois
photographed 10.31.2018

Creatures in the night

A couple of weeks after I made this shot, my friend with parking-garage access helped me get this photo. The tower is gone by now, but I suppose that heavy-construction equipment still prowls the site, getting things all level for whatever happens next…

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 10.2.2018

Hotel Room Study, #1

I was traveling with a couple of people from work who aren’t used to my weird photography ways, so I tried to contain my image-making to times when I was alone in the hotel room. They will never know how much they appreciate my sacrifice….

Hyatt Regency Chicago
Chicago, Illinois
photographed 10.30.2018

Smokers’ Exile

On the morning before my conference started in Little Rock, I took a walk, looking for scenic stuff along the river. But I saw this instead.

North Little Rock, Arkansas
photographed 10.8.2018

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