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The sunny side we also may view

Typical road trip conversation*:

Me: Look over there, at that old church/house/cemetery/etc.!

Patient Spouse: What? Where?

Me: OK. You have to make a u-turn.

Patient Spouse:

And that’s how I got this shot.

Grenville, New Mexico
photographed 8.26.2017

*When I’m not the driver. When I am the driver, I get to make ALL THE U-TURNS I WANT!

Depths (dead K-Mart)

Well, this was a rare treat – a chance to get inside an old K-Mart store (which I’ve named “dead K-Mart” because that’s the way my mind works). I’d previously peeked through the doors of this place, but being inside was a whole new perspective.

This is the first of four images from this place. Don’t worry, though, it was a sanctioned visit and I didn’t get arrested or anything like that.

Abilene, Texas
photographed 8.7.2017


I guess these signs clear things up pretty well: employees are supposed to park here. Except they aren’t.

I’m a little dizzy…

Abilene, Texas
photographed 8.5.2017

Taking the low road

The glass in the door of this place was gone and someone had nailed up a piece of wood over the hole. Well, nearly over the hole: there was a bit of a gap at the bottom. A camera-sized gap. If you know what I’m getting at here.

(I thought the photo was going to be about those left-over cars, but now I am starting to think it’s really about that metal ceiling, hanging in tatters.)

Main Street
Lawn, Texas
photographed 8.56.2017


One more shot from this magnificent place – the canyon and lake are below, the city of Lubbock is in the distance, and rain will shortly wash all of it.

Robert Bruno Steel House
Ransom Canyon, Texas
photographed 7.23.2017

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