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Soft colors of the south

I lived in New Orleans for a few years, when I was in grad school, and this color palette is exactly the way I remember the city, where even the bright colors are muted.

Bruce Cockburn’s song “When You Give It Away” includes the line “languid mandala of a ceiling fan/teases the air like a slow stroking hand” comes to my mind every time I think of New Orleans. The heavy air there, so wet it seems to barely move, makes everything seem slow, languid.

(This is the last of the photos from my Louisiana trip. Tomorrow begins a new adventure, to the deserts of far West Texas.) (I like extremes.) (Apparently.)

St. Charles Avenue
New Orleans, Louisiana
photographed 10.25.2017


Gas lights were first introduced to New Orleans in 1824, and are still in abundant use today. Maybe they are what makes New Orleans?

Girod Street
New Orleans, Louisiana
photographed 10.26.2017

Not for themselves

The university crest at the main entrance to Tulane University, shadowy in the early morning sun.

Tulane University
New Orleans, Louisiana
photographed 10.25.2017


It was very nice of the roof to fall apart the way it did, so that a bit of additional light fell onto Mr. Joubert’s name.

near Plaisance, Louisiana
photographed 10.22.2017


A detail of the joists and wall of the old fire station in Springlake.  And what’s left of the shingles.

Springlake, Texas
photographed 10.15.2017

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