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Church + Cemetery

I guess the interest and/or money ran out after the sign but before the church. (There was a cemetery, though, way over to the right.)

Rogers, Texas
photographed 8.6.2017


One of the great mysteries that I encounter every time I peek through a dirty window into an abandoned business is what sorts of things were left behind.

A spatula, this time. And a heat lamp.

Did someone intend to come back and get the rest of their things? Or did they just say fuck it and walk away from their failed business, hoping that maybe on another day in another town, they’d get a new spatula.

Floydada, Texas
photographed 3.25.2017

Mom’s Place


Am I just worrying about the wrong things here, but do you think Mom might not particularly have appreciated her Place using a pig as a logo/mascot?

Post, Texas
photographed 11.5.2016

September 29

Another sad house.

near Acuff, Texas

photographed 3.29.2010

September 26

Let’s assume they named the place “Two Pines” because “A Bunch of Elms” was already taken.

Two Pines Mobile Home Park
rural Lubbock County, Texas

photographed 6.27.2009

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