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Getting our hopes up

Our summer started out with cool weather and more-than-normal rainfall. But it soon got over that, and now it seems like maybe it’s never rained here. Ever. Not even a drop. And it’s hot, too – at or above 100 degrees for days at a time.

And that makes it seem like maybe this sign is being unnecessarily cruel.

(I am heading shortly to Chicago for a conference, where the high temperatures are forecast to be in the 70s. My work colleague and I had a discussion about packing; neither one of us can recall the right kind of clothes for that sort of weather.)

Lubbock County, Texas
photographed 8.10.2019

Post Office: closed for business

If you ever wondered – and I am sure you have! – what the inside of a closed-down post office looks like, then today is your lucky day. They look like this.

Don’t you feel better now?

Fluvanna, Texas
photographed 10.20.2018

Jesus and the arrows

We’d had a lot of rain, and I took advantage of the first sunny day to get out and see what I could find. I saw the “Jesus Loves You” sign and all those arrows as I turned the corner. I drove a mile or two before I decided that it was worth making a photo of, and then had to drive about five more miles to find a place that was dry enough for me to turn around.

That’s a problem I almost never have.

near Gail, Texas
photographed 10.20.2018

Awning is surprisingly new

It’s a little hard to figure out everything that’s going on here – the building is old. And abandoned. The roof has holes in it. But that awning is fairly new. (It’s also crooked, for whatever that’s worth.)

I can’t add all those parts up and get an answer that makes any sense.

Gail, Texas
photographed 10.20.2018

Even with all this…

…the town still looks like it’s not going to make it much longer.

Lehman, Texas
photographed 8.12.2018

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