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That sun in the desert can be brutal – even in mid-February, it was easy to tell that. But that sort of bright, unfiltered light makes very nice shadows and the unusual shapes of desert plants make the shadows even more interesting.

Palm Springs, California
photographed 2.10.2022

please do not

You know, don’t you, that I really did want to ring the bells? But the way the shadow looked like a hangman’s noose made me rethink my plan…

St. Mary’s Catholic Church
High Hill, Texas
photographed 11.24.2019

Ascending to the mystery

It was late afternoon when we arrived here, and the low sun was leaning through the windows, deepening the shadows. And the mystery.

St. Mary’s Catholic Church
Praha, Texas
photographed 11.24.2019

Clarity of light

Hello, and welcome to Which One Was It? day here at the blog.

Look at the photo above, and tell me if you think
1. This was a careful compose-and-wait situation.
2. It pretty much an accident.
3. It was a complete accident.

Spur, Texas
photographed 10.12.2019

Stop at Cow Dog

The stop sign’s shadow adds a subliminal message, maybe, to the front of the food truck.

On a side note, I did not eat there, but only because it was closed.

Alpine, Texas
photographed 12.23.2018

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