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I was there after breakfast – way, way after breakfast – so I can only imagine the tortilla-wrapped deliciousness at this roadside food truck.

Dimmitt, Texas
photographed 10.8.2021


The town’s visionary was so far ahead of the the food truck trend that their truck didn’t make it. I mean, I guess it didn’t make it, since it’s surrounded by weeds that have clearly had all summer to get this tall. That’s the downfall of being a visionary – sometimes you are just too far ahead for it to work.

Geronimo, Oklahoma
photographed 9.18.2021

Stop at Cow Dog

The stop sign’s shadow adds a subliminal message, maybe, to the front of the food truck.

On a side note, I did not eat there, but only because it was closed.

Alpine, Texas
photographed 12.23.2018

How G’Ma stays busy

I had a little time before I needed to get on the road back home, so I took a short stroll around town. It was a Sunday, so presumably G’Ma was at church instead of staff her food truck; but I liked it with no one else around. Also, I’d already had breakfast…

Alpine, Texas
photographed 7.15.2018

Full Moon/Food Truck

Another food truck, taken later on the same night as this photo. It’d been almost a year and half since my last visit to Alpine, and while I was gone, the food-truck phenomena showed up.

Alpine, Texas
photographed 11.3.2017

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