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holding it all together

Here’s this fence detail, for those of you who have ever wondered how a chain link fence is repaired. I mean, I realize that’s probably a very small demographic, but here at One Day | One Image, we strive to (occasionally) offer Actual Advice. And how lucky that today is one of those days!

Nashville, Tennessee
photographed 12.25.2021

Is faded glory still glory?

Here’s another image from my spur-of-the-moment project to document the seedier side of the Graceland neighborhood. This empty shopping center is directly across the street from the mansion.

Memphis, Tennessee
photographed 12.28.2021

Ten minutes away

A pizza joint, two billboards, a threatening sky, and approaching darkness seem to be an apt metaphor for what happens to most people who come here seeking fame. Not to be too heavy-handed about it or anything…

Memphis, Tennessee
photographed 12.27.2021

Bethel, coming and going

Here’s a two-way sign for a little country church on top of a hill.

Also: it did require a u-turn to get back to it. And also: it took me about five miles of driving to decide that I didn’t want to pass up a chance to photograph the church (and sign). Sometimes I make a u-turn decision right away, and other times it takes a few minutes to decide. And also, one more time: I can’t recall a time that I’ve ever made a u-turn, gotten back to the place, and decided that it wasn’t worth a photograph after all.

near Savannah, Tennessee
photographed 12.26.2021

Swept Away

This was a nice sight: a broom, an industrial-size dustpan, and one footprint.

Lebanon, Tennessee
photographed 12.24.2021

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