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why i love the plains

From a sky- and weather-viewpoint, the day had been fairly unremarkable. And even the sunset didn’t look too promising.

But then about 8 minutes before sundown, the sun broke through the clouds, which had looked really flat and boring. But the low angle highlighted the mammatus clouds in a way that was unexpected, dramatic, and breathtaking.

And, if this very same thing had happened somewhere with hills and/or trees, no one could have seen it. And that’s why I love the plains.

Yellowhouse Canyon, Texas
photographed 5.13.2023


The local amusement park shut down this year, after 50 years of operation. I decided to go look at it the other morning; the cold rain made it seem even more forlorn that it already was.

Some of the rides are being shipped to other parks, but I guess the stuff that remains is headed toward being a big pile of bent metal.

Sad update: the owner of Joyland, David Dean passed away yesterday. His wife said, “I truly believe that the sale of Joyland falling through broke his heart.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 5.13.2023

a long way from home

Ok. So Lubbock is not exactly what you’d think of as a watery place. We’re 500 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. There aren’t even any substantial lakes nearby.

Yet, somehow there’s a 37′ boat* (which was built in 1976)* on a trailer on the top of a hill over on the north side of town.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 5.13.2023


*(There’s an amazing amount of stuff you can find out about a boat if you’ve got a registration number…)

flower spike

These yucca don’t bloom like this every year – but when they do, they are just spectacular.

Yellowhouse Canyon, Texas
photographed 5.12.2023

fish – like shadows – move about

To be real honest here, I don’t even quite remember seeing these fish suspended over a street in Siracusa. I mean, the evidence is RIGHT HERE (and also on my SD card, bracketed by stuff I do remember) so I have to assume it was a thing I saw. But still…

Siracusa, Sicily
photographed 9.8.2022

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