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Outdoor Living

Back in the winter, I took myself on a little weekend trip and stayed in a vintage travel trailer. It was cute, but it was also a reminder that I may have just a touch of claustrophobia.

Anyway, it was nice to have an outdoor space. If you see what I mean.

near Wimberley, Texas
photographed 1.19.2019

No cooling

It’s a good thing I didn’t have to stand very long under this collapsing air conditioner. I mean, I have a hard head and all, but still…

Plainview, Texas
photographed 8.10.2019

The way of things

The old ways are fading, leaving behind the shadows of things it took to make it all happen.

Tulia, Texas
photographed 6.24.2019

Perhaps an explanation is in order

Look! I found a completely incomphrehensible side-street mural in downtown Hobbs, New Mexico.

Hobbs, New Mexico
photographed 9.7.2019

After dinner

Our genial hosts at the B&B handed us a stack of menus from local restaurants, then gave us a short rundown on each one. Based on their phrase “…and he’s trying to make a go of it.” we ended up at Ken’z Cuisine* for dinner.

The food was good, and the place was totally of the 1970s as far as interior design motifs went.

Española, New Mexico
photographed 8.31.2019

*Yes. That is indeed an apostrophe-z.

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