Ascending to the mystery

It was late afternoon when we arrived here, and the low sun was leaning through the windows, deepening the shadows. And the mystery.

St. Mary’s Catholic Church
Praha, Texas
photographed 11.24.2019

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  1. The sumptuous soft glow on the left stops at the top stair. Whatever the mystery is, is a dark mystery.


  2. Church and what it stands for…a mystery in itself, you photo confirms that.


  3. I love that gate on the steps, not often seen here in Chicago.


    • This was the only place I’ve seen a gate across the steps – most of the churches just have a rope across the stairs or a sign asking people to not go up. On our recent swing through South Texas, only 2 of the 13 churches had accessible second floors, and naturally I took full advantage of the opportunity.

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