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Center Things

I am thinking of utilizing my spare time to work on a Nebraskan-English dictionary. My late mother-in-law and I could have definitely benefited from such a thing, if you see where I am headed.

Anyway, I’ve already got the first entry:
Nebraskan: center things
English: all those things in the middle of the table

So far, Nebraskan seems a more concise language…

Spur, Texas
photographed 10.12.2019

Declare glory

I surely did like these jaunty curtains at the Dixie Dog in Spur. And check out the lettered Bible verse there in the window!

Pro tip: if you eat there, you and your travel/photography companion can split an order of fries. And you’ll still have some left.

Spur, Texas
photographed 10.12.2019

Order Window


If having a crush on a town is a thing, then I am pretty sure I have a crush on Spur. I go there often, and always find interesting things (like telephones or swimming pools or mysterious signs.)

On this particular trip, my friend Mary and I stopped for lunch at the Dixie Dog; we sat at the counter, which is how we were able to hear the cook say, when she’d caught up with the lunch orders, that she was going to step outside and smoke “a piece” of her cigarette.

How can you not have a crush on a town when you can hear something like that?

the Dixie Dog
Spur, Texas
photographed 3.14.2015

No one swims


Singer/songwriter James McMurtry’s song “We Can’t Make It Here Anymore” sums it all up:

In Dayton Ohio or Portland Maine
Or a cotton gin out on the great high plains
That’s done closed down along with the school
And the hospital and the swimming pool

Spur, Texas
photographed 5.24.2015

And so it goes


This town is becoming one of my favorite locations to photograph. And so it happened that on a sunny Sunday, my patient spouse and his sweet sister agreed to accompany me on a trip to see what needed its photo made. (He knew what he was in for. The Sweet Sister may have been shocked. Or bored. It was hard to tell. But she remained sweet, either way.)

Anyway, on that trip I found this weed, doing that thing that weeds do: taking over, one flower spike at a time.

Spur, Texas
photographed 5.24.2015

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