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If having a crush on a town is a thing, then I am pretty sure I have a crush on Spur. I go there often, and always find interesting things (like telephones or swimming pools or mysterious signs.)

On this particular trip, my friend Mary and I stopped for lunch at the Dixie Dog; we sat at the counter, which is how we were able to hear the cook say, when she’d caught up with the lunch orders, that she was going to step outside and smoke “a piece” of her cigarette.

How can you not have a crush on a town when you can hear something like that?

the Dixie Dog
Spur, Texas
photographed 3.14.2015

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  1. sounds like she was going out for a toke. love your series on old towns.


  2. Any air conditioner photos in Spur?


  3. Nice shot and story. As to my previous lace statement. I was stationed in Germany many moons ago. Loved the quality of their lace which has stayed with me to this day. KEEP SHOOTING!


  4. Those clothes pins appear to be totally saturated with grease. She could probably go outside for a piece of a clothes pin. Though she might have trouble putting it out.


  5. Vernacular, you gotta love vernacular!


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