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Winter Pool

A summer swimming pool, with sparkling water and squealing kids, holds no interest to me.

But one that’s empty, except for the ice at the deep end? Oh, yes, I’ll spend quite a long time photographing that. (The Patient Spouse will back me on this.)

Minneola, Kansas
photographed 12.12.2020

Going Swimming

It was a hot and dry day. The town’s swimming pool was open; from a block away I could hear those shrieks that are particular to kids playing in a pool. It seemed so summery and normal which made me think about going in to take pictures of the swimmers. (I know! I thought about photographing people. Must have been a bit of a heat stroke.) I didn’t go in, though, because that seemed creepy and intrusive, and because this woman and her family created a nice enough tableau as they paused to pay their admission fee that I didn’t need to go any further.

Menard, Texas
photographed 6.14.2020

No Swimming

I’ve been to this swimming pool before, five years ago, and made almost exactly this same photo. I know what I like, right? (Or I’m in a half-decade-long rut.)

But wait – coming soon to this very blog is a photo of a small-town swimming pool that is still in operation! Aren’t you so excited?

Spur, Texas
photographed 6.10.2020


I guess the pool never got drained at the end of last summer. It didn’t look at all inviting in the spring. I mean, it wasn’t as bad as some pools I’ve seen, but still it was a far cry from the sparkling ready-for-summer pool that I wanted to see.

Slaton, Texas
photographed 4.4.2020

Winter pool

Here’s the town swimming pool, a couple of days after Christmas. Evidently the lifeguards get different jobs in the winter months.

Canadian, Texas
photographed 12.27.2019

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