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One more shot from this magnificent place – the canyon and lake are below, the city of Lubbock is in the distance, and rain will shortly wash all of it.

Robert Bruno Steel House
Ransom Canyon, Texas
photographed 7.23.2017

The tiny memorial

Maybe you knew that I got my photographic start by shooting roadside crosses (or other memorials). I did it for ten years, and became adept at spotting them. The last one I shot for the project was around 2006 or so, when it seemed like I done all the roadside cross work I wanted to do.

Sometimes, I still do shoot them, like last year when I did a post on the series of crosses between the town where I work and the city where I live.

So, while I do still notice them, I don’t notice them to the point of stopping.

Until this one. I’ve gone by this spot a hundred times and never saw it. And, in fact, might not have ever seen it but the Patient Spouse spotted it and took me out to see it. And even with him saying, “It’s right there. There. TO THE LEFT.” it still took me a while to see it.

Ransom Canyon, Texas
photographed 4.22.2017

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