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One thing – OK, maybe it is the main thing – that I like about the desert is the way everything’s spiky. It’s like it doesn’t really care if you visit or not, but if you do, it’ll be on the desert’s terms and not yours. No soft grass to lie in or any of that sort of thing. I mean, even the fence sections are pointed…

Shafter, Texas
photographed 11.4.2017

Priest’s Door

I’m just guessing, of course, that this door on the side of the church is the way the priest gets in. What I’d like to know, though, is what the deal is with those flowers on the windowsill…

Sacred Heart Catholic Mission Church
Shafter, Texas
photographed 11.4.2017

The cattle industry was past its prime

A detail of the fence around the cattle pen from yesterday. It’s starting to show the signs of many years in the dry Texas heat, but I bet it’ll outlast most of us…

Marathon, Texas
photographed 7.14.2018

Stock Tank and the Cathedral Mountains

I’m not tall enough to get the shot I wanted, so I made this one by holding the camera as high above my head as I could reach and shooting it blind.

Just over to my left, a very large steer stood in the shade, watching the procedures. And off in the distance, the Cathedral Mountains.

It’s hard to think of anyplace I rather be than right here.

near Marathon, Texas
photographed 7.14.2018

Swimming Hole

I’ve been trying for a while to get the photo of this wading pool that I can see in my mind. This one wasn’t it. And neither was this one.

This one, though? It’s closer, but still not quite what I was after.

But it’s OK, as it gives me a completely plausible reason to return to this little remote oasis.

near Marathon, Texas
photographed 7.13.2018

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