shadows cast by the unseen

I had an entirely different post written for this image. But yesterday morning on the way to work (it’s a 35 minute drive, in the country, so I’ve got plenty of time to think about stuff) I decided that what I really needed to say about this is the way that shadow – cast by something unseen – falls across the rough stucco wall, and the way the shadow alters the view’s perception of the wall. And that made me think about the unseen shadows in my own life that alter my perceptions of reality, skewing them wildly toward disastrous conclusions (usually, because that’s just the way my brain tracks). And then THAT led me to think about how the main thing with shadows is that they always keep moving and that nothing’s permanently in darkness. No matter how it feels.

And by the time I had all these thoughts, I was almost to the office and had a bunch other stuff to think about, and my thoughts moved on. Kind of like shadows do.

Marathon, Texas
photographed 1.16.2023

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