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Down one column

Yes, well, I like to imagine that I have keen, finely tuned observational skills, honed by years of photographing stuff to fill up this blog.

The truth of it is that I didn’t even notice that there was a column missing from this massive roof canopy until I saw the image in Photoshop.

So, there’s that.

what’s left of the Days Inn
Lubbock, Texas
photographed 2.22.2019


A close up of the x-ray machine from yesterday’s post.

For those of you who were wondering, I did some research on Thermax, and it currently has a lot of references that deal with “Pune-based industrial energy solutions provider Thermax.” (I first read that as “prune-based industrial energy solutions, which made for a fanciful few seconds. Welcome to my mind.) Anyway, the only thing close that I found was a reference to a 1974 x-ray machine in a British medical journal.

So there you are.

Colorado City, Texas
photographed 3.16.2018

X-ray vision

I first photographed this building back in 2013, and I posted shots of a very messy room and of an abandoned refrigerator. But I didn’t go inside.

Now, though, I’m bolder than I was five years ago, and on a return visit to Colorado City I just walked right on in. And found this treasure in a back room.

Colorado City, Texas
photographed 3.16.2018

Precipice (from the top)

We call it a canyon. People from places that have actual, noticeable topography would probably call it a dent in the ground.

The Cliffhouse Project is located on the canyon, with the remains of an old motor court on the top. When I made this image, I was standing on the top, looking down at the old driveway. It’s quite a drop-off (if you live where it’s flat), and we have to be careful of vertigo.

The Cliffhouse Project
Lubbock, Texas
photographed 12.2.2017

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