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Big Mama’s

I guess it’s hard to imagine how such a shoppe could have possibly gone out of business. I mean, burgers AND smoothies? What else could you possibly even need?

Colorado City, Texas
photographed 3.18.2018

Your guess is as good as mine

Yes, well, I don’t have any idea what the hell all this means.

Colorado City, Texas
photographed 3.18.2018

Park here. Or don’t.

Just go ahead and make your own decision about parking in this alley. You’re probably OK either way, according to the sign.

Colorado City, Texas
photographed 2.28.2018

Native grasses, on a windy day

Out here where I live, the wind blows a lot. Like, all the time nearly. That’s why I am not sure why I thought that I could get a nice, crisp photo of these fall grasses: the wind was blowing and I know better. But still, I tried. And rather liked the result.

Or, maybe I eventually talked myself into liking what I ended up with since I couldn’t get anything any better…

Lake Colorado City State Park
Colorado City, Texas
photographed 11.24.2018

History was made here

The stone arch that serves as the park’s entrance was built in 1937-8 by the National Youth Administration. Beside the gate there’s an historical marker outlining the history of the park. Among other things, it says that in 1884, Colonel John Henry Moore “wiped out” a nearby Comanche village, which I guess was an OK way to phrase it when the sign was written in 1970…

Ruddick Park
Colorado City, Texas
photographed 3.17.2018

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