Refrigerator Door


I had about an hour to spare. An hour in a town like Colorado City might have felt like an eternity to some people. To me, though, it was barely a start: I am already planning a return visit.

For one thing, I found this fantastic place – an abandoned building just a few blocks from the courthouse. All the windows were gone; so was most of the furniture. But the refrigerator was still there. Most of it, anyway.

West 3rd Street, between Walnut and Elm
Colorado City, Texas

photographed 3.13.2013

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  1. These old appliances are becoming popular as storage chests now. I’m not chic enough to want one, though, but I do like the photo a lot.


  2. Great find, Melinda and so well composed and lightened! Greetz, have a great day, Ron.


  3. the light on the refrigerator makes this shot just perfect! nice work!


  4. I really like this one too. I lived in a house with an artist, and a fridge like that. He had painted in red letters as wide as the fridge, “FRIDGE” from top to bottom. We always new where to find the cold beer.


    • I just don’t think it’s possible to overestimate the importance of being able to find the beer. I realize that at some point muscle memory kicks in, but until then….


      • Not only was he an artist, but also a rugby player. If you know anything about rugby players it’s likely to be their love for beer. I am still surprised he did not paint BEER on the fridge instead. Some dim understanding that milk and eggs could also be found in there I suspect.


      • I don’t know much about rugby, since I live in Texas, but my feeling is that if your roommate had a “dim understanding” he was actually fairly intelligent, as far as rugby players go. Or, maybe I am thinking of football players……


      • Rugby players seem to often be quite intelligent, which doesn’t explain playing such a physical game with no padding, nor their terrible beer fuelled after-game songs.


      • So, I guess I WAS thinking about football players…!


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