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This building faces west. Unless it doesn’t.


My memory maintains that this bank of windows faced west, catching the late-afternoon sun. That may be true.

It is equally likely that they faced north and the glow is reflected light from a tall building nearby.

Most of the time I have a good sense of direction. There are a few places, though, where I always get lost. San Antonio, Texas: I can get lost walking around the block. Espanola, New Mexico: pretty sure I will end up permanently circling that place one of these days, looking for the highway to Abiququ. And Boston: I never knew WHERE I was, other than “in Boston.” And even that might not have been accurate, because I sure could have been in Charlestown or Cambridge or…

Boston, Massachusetts
photographed 8.31.2010

Also: I am going on a bit of a vacation. To someplace without much internet access. The posts will continue, and please leave comments. I will answer them as I can, and promise to get to all of them sooner or later. The internet and I will reconvene on July 7.

September 30

If you wanted to, you could try to find outdoor lighting fixtures that were completely of the 1970s. But I can save you the trouble.

near Quincy Market
Boston, Massachusetts

photographed 9.30.2010

March 12

I really don’t have a good sense of where this was, other than “somewhere in Boston.”

Somewhere in Boston

photographed 8.31.2010

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