Compound words


If you like compound words, you’ll just LOVE this place: the Shallowater Trustworthy Hardware store. And, as a bonus, it’s just across the road from the Goodpasture grain elevator.

The town is named Shallowater. The town-namers were pragmatic folk; in addition to Shallowater, we’ve got Plainview, Levelland, Brownfield, Littlefield. Of course, there are also several Lakeviews, none of which do; so I guess some of them were wistful instead.

Shallowater, Texas
photographed 3.16.2013

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  1. Very nice B&W image, gives me the feeling that this store has been here for many years.


  2. It looks a little worse for wear but it has clean lines and it’s a nice looking building. I like it, too.


  3. You know I love this stuff!


  4. There’s a suburb called ‘Fairy Meadow’ that I heard of some years ago. How delightful!


  5. Nice! Great reflections at the far side of the store.
    Sure is tempting to pull those compounds apart and rearrange them to see what silly things they might come to say. But I will spare you.


  6. Well, now that I try nothing useful comes of the effort for all combined. Perhaps because it is the end of the weekend and my brain is running down.


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