The back of the store


The front of the Napa Auto Parts store has a shiny sign with the logo and corporate colors. It’s all tidy and business-like.

I don’t really like it.

But this? The back? Oh, yes, I like this.

The back of the store
Alpine, Texas

photographed 1.18.2013

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  1. Nice, the reflections are really puzzling! Happy easter, Ron.


  2. I like it too! Broken reflections are great, and the tree on the left is an important element.


  3. I like it, too. It has personality and personality goes a long way.


  4. Nice – lots of good things to look at, some good contrasts between the reflection and the flat wall… me likey!


  5. I always prefer to photograph the backs of shops, so much more interesting than the screaming shiny fronts.
    Except for the back of a fish and chips shop I came across – very unpleasantly stinky.


  6. I like this too. The six main window segments seem to be set at slightly different angles which breaks the reflections up just the right amount.


  7. I love the dichotomy of the bright, shiny corporate storefront versus this! GREAT textures and details here, Melinda, this shot is full of raw character. Some people like shiny and new, others prefer character and texture. I always prefer the latter. Love this post, it was a real highlight for me today.


  8. Your other commenters have said it all, but want to do more than “Like.” I really really like! All the tree elements add just the right touch to the composition, and that fractured reflection? Wonderful.


    • Linda – thanks for really really liking this shot. (I really really like it, too!)

      Thanks for stopping by the blog, and taking time to post a comment. You’ve got some great shots over on your blog, which I have just started following.


  9. This is really wonderful, and so perfect in black and white.


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