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The discount, discounted


I love fireworks stands. Especially just after the fireworks season* has ended, when there are amended signs, tattered banners, and other assorted things scattered around.

Shallowater, Texas
photographed 7.10.2016

*In Texas, the season is New Years, Memorial Day, and July 4. Unless there’s a drought – the fire danger outweighs fireworks.

Compound words


If you like compound words, you’ll just LOVE this place: the Shallowater Trustworthy Hardware store. And, as a bonus, it’s just across the road from the Goodpasture grain elevator.

The town is named Shallowater. The town-namers were pragmatic folk; in addition to Shallowater, we’ve got Plainview, Levelland, Brownfield, Littlefield. Of course, there are also several Lakeviews, none of which do; so I guess some of them were wistful instead.

Shallowater, Texas
photographed 3.16.2013

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