I’m a curmudgeon!


Hello, and welcome to Curmudgeon Day here at the blog. It’s a day when I confess how much I hate a few common English terms.

First of all, I can’t stand it when people say “We’re pregnant.” It’s just too precious for my taste.

I hate the word “veggies.” I can’t say why, but I just do.

But mostly, I hate the term “bucket list.” If I were in charge, the only person allowed to reference a “bucket list” would be the owner of this shop, when he or she is preparing an order for new buckets.

Marfa, Texas

photographed 1.18.2013

* Sorry if I offended anyone. Maybe “offending readers of my blog” is on MY bucket list…..

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  1. I’m not offended at all. The term I hate the most is when someone refers to a “point in time”. I like the photo, though.


  2. I am in complete agreement about “bucket list”. I had to look up it’s etymology as I really had no idea why it sprang into use, without warning. Turns out it is from a Hollywood movie of the same name from 2007 – even more reason to dislike the term. Sounds like a flop of a film too.
    That is a nice display of buckets – I expect that this shop even carries a selection of veggie buckets.


    • “Veggie buckets”! I see what you did there!

      That’s right – the term did come from some lame movie. I never saw it, but have heard the aftermath. And the thing is, no one I have heard say that something is on their “bucket list” ever seems to actually do whatever it is. Is merely putting it on the list sufficient, I wonder?


      • Is that not what lists are for? I know lots of people with lists of all kinds of things they want to do, errands to run, house repairs needed, people they owe letters to. It seems that for all of them, any given point in time, they have never done a single thing on their list(s). I have lists like that on my computer, which I made up one day or another, and never consulted again. In my experience it feels a lot better to make a list than it does to do the things on the list – which possibly means I am making lists of the wrong things.


    • I don’t do lists right either, but here’s the way I do it: I write down things I’ve ALREADY done, just so I can mark them off. Try it – it’s surprisingly gratifying.


  3. Finding and following your blog has been a true highlight of my year, Melinda. This is a terrific post, a terrific shot, and a terrific example of why I love your work!


    • Thank you, Toad. I am glad you’ve enjoyed the blog as much as I enjoy writing and photographing and posting! I DO wonder, though, how you found it? I am appreciative of your support of my work.

      Sometimes (not very often) when I see something I know exactly what I will write to accompany the photograph. This was one of those times! I am trying to write more this year than I’ve done in the past, so maybe with practice I will have more instances when I just KNOW what to say before I even take the picture.


      • I’m sorry it took me so long to get back to you here Melinda, we’ve been very busy rolling out a whole new product line the last few weeks and I’m just coming up for air. I actually found your blog through following Ehpem’s Burnt Embers blog. Ehpem and I are friends, we’ve met in person and don’t live too far away from each other. I saw a comment of yours one day I enjoyed and followed it through to your blog. I love your work, and you’ve got a terrific way of presenting it. I’ve now got you in my RSS list so I don’t miss a single post (even if I don’t have time to comment, I still see ’em!). Keep it up, I think your work is great.


      • I’d guessed that the Burnt Embers blog was the connection! Ehpem and I have struck up an email friendship and I knew that the two of you were acquainted.

        One of my goals for 2013 was going to be “figure out to get listed on Toad Hollow” – so thanks for helping me achieve that before the year even started.

        Next month I am giving a presentation on blogging at a conference, and I will bring up the importance of commenting on other blogs and the way it helps link folks with similar interests find each other. You and Ehpem will be my primary examples!

        Thanks for your kind words, and your support of what I am doing. This is the beginning of my 5th year doing a photo-a-day blog, and I feel like it’s taken until now to really find my voice. I’ve always been a bit of a late-bloomer….


      • I’m seriously happy I have met you Melinda. I love the idea of your presentation, if you have time please let me know the reaction that you get? I’ve been working on an ebook on social networking for months now and even a little anecdotal first-hand experience in any way in this field would be something I’d love to hear, if you wouldn’t mind sharing. See? Again, with the power of networking.

        Regardless, my friend, I really do enjoy your work. Even if I don’t have time to comment on each post of yours, please know I see them all.


      • I’d be happy to give you some first-hand experience after the conference. It’s the third week in March, so I will probably work on my presentation, well, the third week of March! Email me at melindagharvey@gmail.com if you have anything in particular you’d like me to address – to gauge reaction, or etc. The conference is called “Spare Time on the Plains: The Search for Leisure and Recreation” and my co-presenter and I will be offering ways to for folks in this part of Texas, which is relatively isolated, to use various social networking platforms as recreation, or to form networks, or to promote our hobbies/interests.


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