The money machine: Austin


If you don’t have the $5.95 for a combo meal at this place, this ATM is just around the corner.

But more importantly, why do you suppose that bricked-in window was so low?

Oh, and for those of you keeping score at home, you can add to my list of terms I hate this one: ATM machine.

Austin, Texas

photographed 12.21.12

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  1. Great B&W. Excellent capture of reflexion in window !


  2. That’s where you put the pies to cool! Great shot.


  3. I like the reflection too.
    The opening (I would doubt ‘window’ would be quite the right word) probably let something in via shovel or chute. Coal would be my bet – is the building likely to have either been heated or had steam power in its early days? Or some other product that was being processed at this location – maybe bales of something, or barrels. There could have been a wooden ramp on either side of the opening.


  4. people were smaller then. maybe it was a pizza pass-thru bar in the 1880s. keebler elves?


  5. How about adding “PIN number” to your list of terms?


  6. Seriously, that reflection in the window is so terrific it should be named. Something like “The Enigmatic Reflection”, or “Bob”, I’m not sure which.


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