Melrose grain


Melrose is a little place between Clovis and Fort Sumner. Fewer than 700 folks live there. It’s got a train depot, a door of which is shown here.

I thought the train depot was going to be the best thing I saw. But, then I turned around and saw this beauty, waiting patiently right behind me. The depot became less attractive.

Confession: I’ve been through Melrose a hundred times, at least. I’ve stopped once. I am sorry, Melrose, that I’ve ignored you for so long.

Also: For international travelers, please note that Melrose is between Victoria, Texas, and Victoria, British Columbia. Just something to think about when you plan your next road trip.

Melrose, New Mexico

photographed 8.1.2011

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  1. Even the name sounds nice – Melrose ! Very good B&W image that shows something that we do not see here in Europa. And especially in a such small place . 700 people lives there and this Melrose Crain looks so huge that all 700 can easyly be placed in …..
    Your posts are always very well done and very interesting .


    • You are right – Melrose IS a nice-sounding name! The town is one of those places that just gets a little smaller every year – there’s just not enough jobs to keep people there, so they move somewhere else. It’s a shame.


  2. In addition to having great tones and texture (especially on the side of the building and the silos), you were blessed with a perfect sky.


  3. I just love this photo – all the corrugated iron gives an amazing texture, but so does the rusty bit in the middle. I think that the clouds of this type work well for this structure.
    Moody clouds you don’t seem to need to work too hard to find, if your recent post After The Season is anything to judge by – those are clouds to die for.


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