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Hotel Study, 3

A freshly-ironed linen shirt and a white bed: hotel room scene.

Austin, Texas
photographed 6.10.2017

Hotel Study, 2

Here’s another image from the hotel room set.

Austin, Texas
photographed 6.10.2017


And here’s another photo today. Because I felt like it.

I was doing a little experimenting the other day, and this is what it looked like. Quite a stretch from my usual, and too early to tell if it’ll become a regular part of the repertoire around here.

Time, as always, will tell.

Austin, Texas
photographed 5.12.2017

A heartfelt mural


The restaurant whose wall is decorated with this mural seems to have gone out of business. I think the emotional woman on the mural was pleading for customers.

Too bad it didn’t work.

South 1st Street
Austin, Texas
photographed 4.12.2014

Tree chandelier


Really, why not hang an old chandelier in a live oak tree? Kind of dresses up the place, don’t you think?

in the backyard, where I stayed in Austin
Austin, Texas
photographed 2.27.2014

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