Toilet. Seat.


I have the perfect job (my real job, I mean – the one with a paycheck) which enables me to travel to various small towns across the Texas high plains to visit our agency’s offices.  And, every now and then, take a few photographs.

This visit was exceptional; in this town, our agency leases the ground floor of an old building.  After our real work was done, we explored the vacant second floor of the building.

Good thing I had my camera with me that day….

Tahoka, Texas
photographed 6.16.2010

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  1. I always feel uncomfortable taking a camera into a bathroom but I don’t think anyone would mind in this case. Being tankless, this was probably a very expensive toilet when it was first installed. Very nice shot.


  2. Great photo, Melinda! I love the contrasts and textures, and the overall clarity which the vacancy affords. And those laths peeking out around the door really get me. Very nice!


  3. LOL. All sorts of things come to mind here!! 🙂


  4. Brett Erickson

    You’re going Edward Weston on me, buddy. 😉 Just look:


  5. Very nice shot. I too like the peeking lath, and now that you mention it, the proportions of the floor boards. The attractions of urbex photography are many, but the opportunities too few.


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