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If you know anything at all about my photographic eye, you probably know that it’s drawn to the things that are worn out, broken, used up, less than beautiful, easily overlooked.

And that’s why, when I was in the beautiful Beacon Hill neighborhood, I photographed what was left of these leaves after something had snacked on them.

Beacon Hill
photographed 8.28.2021

Week of Randomness: Almost Nothing

Santa Rosa, New Mexico, is one of my favorite subjects. It’s got a very nice array of falling-down buildings and out-of-businesses and interesting cemeteries.

On this particular visit, it also had birds. Lots and lots of them, all flying at once from under the canopy at an abandoned gas station. I made quite a few attempts to catch them in flight, and there was nothing good about any of them.

When I was working on my posts for the Week of Randomness, though, this minimalist image caught my attention.

Santa Rosa, New Mexico
photographed 5.5.2013

The Gate to Heaven

The gate in front of yesterday’s cemetery.

St. Rose of Lima Cemetery
Santa Rosa, New Mexico
photographed 3.24.2018

St. Rose, crumbling

Afternoon sun cuts across the old cemetery and chapel in a pleasing fashion. I’ve been here before, but there’s something about the place that just keeps drawing me back. I wonder, though, if it will be as interesting after that building falls down – because it will surely fall.

St. Rose of Lima Cemetery
Santa Rosa, New Mexico
photographed 3.24.2018

Cooling Systems


Well, wasn’t this place accommodating to overheated travelers? It’s got a nice variety of cooling options available, for cars and for people.

Too bad it’s out of business. (And I am pretty sure it’s been torn down recently.)

Santa Rosa, New Mexico
photographed 5.4.2013

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