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Well, sure, the sign SAYS “reclaim” but my feeling is that the place may be past that option.

The Baker Hotel (vacant)
Colorado City, Texas
photographed 2.23.2018

Venus, Jupiter, and the ruins


We took a one-night trip to Matador, just to get out of town for a minute, and to check out a local bed-and-breakfast. (It’d been that kind of a week.) After the sun was down, I walked around town making photos, including this one of Venus and Jupiter in the sky above a burned-out building.

The next morning at breakfast, all the overnight guests were interviewed by one of the innkeepers; the information was going in the newspaper. No secrets in Matador, I guess! She also told us that, if we wanted to visit the museum, she’d just call Arlis and get the key. The inn was very nice, and I’d go back. I wonder if I’d be interviewed again?

Matador, Texas
photographed 7.2.2015

PS – In my interview, I did not mention that I was a photographer; judging on how many cars had driven by when I was out the night before, that seemed to be redundant information.



I met up with my blogging friend from Always Backroads, and we found this a nice little cemetery in Puerto de Luna, New Mexico.

One of the graves had an iron fence around it, and it was topped with this arrangement of crosses. You can tell that someone still looks after the fence and repairs it when warranted. Not all the graves there were that lucky.

My friend Ehpem wondered what this looked like in color. And since we here at One Day | One Image strive to keep our reader(s) happy, here it is, as requested. Opinions? Comments? Any further requests?

102713 B

El Calvario Cemetery
Puerto de Luna, New Mexico
photographed 9.21.2013

C. City Rectangles


Someone who follows my blog recently commented on another photograph, “Many of your shots are of highly symmetrical subjects, but framed asymmetrically.” And look: I did it again!

The former Baker Hotel
Colorado City, Texas

photographed 3.13.2013

November 22

The town of Mineral Wells, Texas, was briefly famous for the healing properties of the local mineral water. Folks came to “take the water” and many of them stayed at the grand Baker Hotel.

The old place has seen better days.

Behind the Baker Hotel
Mineral Wells, Texas

photographed 8.15.2010

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