I met up with my blogging friend from Always Backroads, and we found this a nice little cemetery in Puerto de Luna, New Mexico.

One of the graves had an iron fence around it, and it was topped with this arrangement of crosses. You can tell that someone still looks after the fence and repairs it when warranted. Not all the graves there were that lucky.

My friend Ehpem wondered what this looked like in color. And since we here at One Day | One Image strive to keep our reader(s) happy, here it is, as requested. Opinions? Comments? Any further requests?

102713 B

El Calvario Cemetery
Puerto de Luna, New Mexico
photographed 9.21.2013

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  1. There is a lot of artistry and skill involved in making a fence like this. Could last 100 years or more, too. Very nice shot.
    I’m looking at an ad WordPress placed under the photo, the first I’ve seen. It has some crosses in the ad so I wonder if the ad is tied to a keyword in the text. I knew this was coming and it’s no surprise. The ad supports 4 different sellers, too. I think if you “Go Premium” for $99 you avoid the ads. It’s only worth it if you think it is. I don’t like it but I don’t mind it either.


    • I have a friend who is a blacksmith; I get lot pretty quickly when he tries to describe the processes to me. It’s very complicated and exacting.

      I’d been wondering if anyone was seeing those ads and I am glad you let me know. I think they are annoying, especially since I can’t control the content of them. (You may not know this about me, but there are certain things I can be cranky about. This is one of them.) That upgrade offers some other features that I would use, so it may be time to cough up the $$$…


  2. This is an interesting shot, black and grey, but I do wonder if it might work better with a blue sky. Someone went to a lot of trouble with the metal work so it is great to feature it like this.

    You can pay $30/yr for no ads – look on the dashboard, store section. The other option that Ken mentioned is also an annual fee.

    The only time I see ads is when I am not logged in to WP, otherwise they don’t seem to show. I am guessing that Ken was not logged in when he saw the ad.


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