Venus, Jupiter, and the ruins


We took a one-night trip to Matador, just to get out of town for a minute, and to check out a local bed-and-breakfast. (It’d been that kind of a week.) After the sun was down, I walked around town making photos, including this one of Venus and Jupiter in the sky above a burned-out building.

The next morning at breakfast, all the overnight guests were interviewed by one of the innkeepers; the information was going in the newspaper. No secrets in Matador, I guess! She also told us that, if we wanted to visit the museum, she’d just call Arlis and get the key. The inn was very nice, and I’d go back. I wonder if I’d be interviewed again?

Matador, Texas
photographed 7.2.2015

PS – In my interview, I did not mention that I was a photographer; judging on how many cars had driven by when I was out the night before, that seemed to be redundant information.

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  1. Wasn’t it magic to see Venus and Jupiter blazing in the sky! I do love your photo, it just may become my desktop photo for a while, if that’s OK with you?


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