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Cottonwood + water

My favorite desert oasis is generally deserted* which lets me enjoy the shade, the cooling breeze from the water, the call of the ducks, and the graceful peace I feel when I am there.

near Marathon, Texas
photographed 7.14.2018

*Sorry. I had to.

The Critical Element


This county park south of Marathon is an oasis – there’s a small dam across a stream, which makes for a nice wetlands habitat. There are big elm trees, too, so even in the heat of summer it’s a nice place to visit.

But if you’re planning a picnic, this particular picnic shelter is probably not your best option.

near Marathon, Texas
photographed 7.10.2015

February 28

If you happen to find yourself in Marathon, Texas, and if you’ve got a bit of time on your hands while you’re there, you might enjoy checking out the Gage Gardens; it’s a bit of an oasis in the desert, and it’s where I found this fountain.

Marathon, Texas

photographed 11.13.2011

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