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February 24

Dear Residents of Hale Center,

Yes. That was me you saw on Thursday afternoon, driving around downtown. I wasn’t there to case the joint, or to make fun of your quaint Texan customs. I wasn’t looking for a bathroom, or a liquor store.

I was there to take pictures. You probably don’t know this about me, but I am exceedingly fond of taking pictures of old buildings. I recognize the sadness inherent in their demise – and what it means for the future of Hale Center, or Earth, or Littlefield, and all the rest of our towns. But there’s just something I love about capturing a moment, just one moment, of their decline.

And so, yesterday, when I was in your town, I saw the way the light slanted down across that brick wall. And I thought it was lovely. And I drove around the block, just so I could take its picture.

I hope you like it.

the photographer

Hale Center, Texas

February 23

Peeling paint in Georgetown. (I’ll forgive you if you assumed I’d found this somewhere in West Texas.)

Washington, DC

photographed 3.7.2011

February 22

A gray day.

Grandfalls, Texas

photographed 11.14.2011

February 21

The next time you go to El Paso, try to have enough time to visit Concordia Cemetery. The cemetery was founded in the 1850s and there are over 60,000 people buried on the 52 acre site, so it’ll take a while to see everything.

If you plan it right (I didn’t) you might even get to join in on a ghost tour.

Also, this might have happened to me. If you go to the cemetery’s webpage, and click around until you get to the Dia de Los Muertos tab, and you get completely engrossed in looking at the pictures, you will be really, really surprised when the trumpet-y music starts up. So be careful.

El Paso, Texas

photographed 5.2.2010

February 20

Unlike what I featured in yesterday’s post, sometimes “progress’ means that old buildings find new life as something else.

Here is housing, in the Mill District in Minneapolis, in a building that obviously began its life with a different function.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

photographed 4.25.2009

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