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One of the last days

Of course, I don’t have any way to know this for sure, but I feel like this almost-end-of-September day was about the end of the summer boating season.

Lake Harriett Bandshell Park
Minneapolis, Minnesota
photographed 9.20.2019

August 6

A wall, a window, and some other stuff. (Again, my inattention in architectural history is apparent. Maybe it would sound better if I said “some other elements”?)

along the waterfront
downtown Minneapolis

photographed 4.25.2009

February 20

Unlike what I featured in yesterday’s post, sometimes “progress’ means that old buildings find new life as something else.

Here is housing, in the Mill District in Minneapolis, in a building that obviously began its life with a different function.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

photographed 4.25.2009

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