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your words disappear


Yeah, so it happened again. I saw this image and a piece of a song floated through my mind.

“In the vastness of space/your words disappear.” Thanks, Paul!

Walter E. Washington Convention Center
Washington, DC
photographed 3.31.2015

An Illusion. Or Not.


I was in Washington, DC, recently for a conference. Of course, I took my camera. But you know what? I just wasn’t feeling it – in 5 days, I only made a handful of images.

I did get this one, though, so maybe my camera earned its keep on the trip.

Washington, DC
photographed 9.30.2015

Dinner Service


After the dinner hour, a table still waits…

Washington, DC
photographed 4.1.2015

Escalator to nowhere


After I made this image, a security guard quizzed me about why, exactly, I was taking pictures of an empty exhibit hall.

“Check out those two red circles and how they balance that red cart!”

“It’s so far down!”

“Oooh – the floor is so shiny!”

“That yellow wall is such a nice contrast to the grey floor.”

But I settled for, “I like how it looks.” She was completely confused and I didn’t stick around.

Walter F. Washington Convention Center
Washington, DC
photographed 3.31.2015

November 8

Hotel room view – Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill.

Washington, DC

photographed 3.9.2010

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