your words disappear


Yeah, so it happened again. I saw this image and a piece of a song floated through my mind.

“In the vastness of space/your words disappear.” Thanks, Paul!

Walter E. Washington Convention Center
Washington, DC
photographed 3.31.2015

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  1. He (Paul) is my lifetime favorite. That convention center on the other hand looks as dismal as anything you’ve photographed.


    • I was lucky and got to see him in concert last spring – it was just an excellent show. And, when I was working on this blog post, I got distracted on YouTube and watched about an hour of P. Simon videos. It wasn’t wasted time at all!

      It struck me how convention centers use carpet and draping and booths and etc. to hide how cavernous they really are. Also – right after I made this shot, I was invited to leave. Apparently, even with my convention badge I wasn’t supposed to be looking around at empty rooms!

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      • Its because they were worried you might make the place look like a fascist architects stereotype, or Stalinesque. How did they know that was exactly what you were up to? You must really hate going to conventions if they bring this vision out of you.


      • So, now I think I used the wrong song in my link. Bruce Cockburn’s song “Facist Architecture” might have been better (even though it’s not at all about architecture, despite the title).

        This photo does show a rather disturbing side of me; I hope it doesn’t scare away my follower(s).

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      • It is timely, you will get a new following, or perhaps it should be an alt-following. They might not admit to following, but follow they will, if you feed them RAW from time to time.


      • I do try to keep my followers well-fed, from a RAW perspective…

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  2. Don’t they realize who you are? Lol


  3. Great photo! I was recently at Washington D.C. and it was absolutely breathtaking!


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