sun stripes and side eye

Moving on now, after what seems like a really long run of Cuban images.

This was at the Library of Congress on a sunny morning.

The man at the information desk at the entry told me that the second floor was the “grandest room in the District,” a comment I took as hyperbole. Until we walked upstairs. The room is covered with tiny mosaic tiles, some of which are gold and caught the light in a way that made the whole place just glow.

Library of Congress
Washington, DC
photographed 11.22.2022

PS: Today starts my 15th year of posting daily photos. It started out to be a one-year “let’s see what happens” sort of deal; I had no idea THIS is what would happen – that I’d still be doing it, that I would have posted over 5,000 images, that I’d start to think of myself as a Photographer. I guess it shows the power of trusting the process, even if you’re not sure what the process even is.

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  1. Wow, that is a lot of photos! The lines on this photo are wonderful. 😊


  2. Melinda, I have been following you for years and you have always been one of my favorite photographers. But this last year I believe you have outdone yourself and I think you are now among the best photographers on the Internet! I think it all started with your trip to Sicily. Happy New Year!


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